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Language Club Partners is a public welfare project that mainly provides services to students at the International Buddhist College who are interested in learning languages. It is hoped that this will promote in-depth exchanges of Buddhist studies among students in different language and cultural backgrounds, as well as promote theoretical understanding and meditation practice of the original teachings of the Buddha.

It aims to use the advanced artificial intelligence technology to assist students from different countries in learning the mainstream languages with fun and effectiveness. We hope that this project can help students study and live better in Thailand, accumulate language skills, and achieve better development in the future.What we must realize is that the current artificial intelligence cannot completely replace the teacher’s teaching, so this project can be used as a powerful assistant for daily language practice, but in-depth language learning requires learning from  teachers with more teaching experience.

Instructions:Click on the flag icon or navigation menu to open the language practice window.If the dialog box cannot be opened during use, please try another device or browser.For more languages, the user’s native language can be modified in the conversation interface.User manual

The project is currently in the testing stage.Welcome to use and provide valuable opinions.If you have any suggestions or comments, please fill out the Feedback Form.


Language Partner
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